Home Made Quilts


We’re from a little town in Tennessee.  We had a post office and a gas station.  My mother, Pearlie Sipes, recently deceased, taught me how to sew. I started sewing with her as a teenager.  I got a website in 2001 called " handmadequilts.net " hosted by my son, and sewed part-time until I retired as a cook at a nursing home.  I had lots of time to sew because my husband traveled. I also made quilts for my grandchildren and great grandchildren. People then started to want me to make quilts for them. Now we have a new web-site,"homemadequilts.biz"and time to make your quilts. I now have over 45 years experience and my quilts have been sent all over the United States.

Quilts are great gifts for birthdays, weddings and anniversaries. Names and dates can be embroidered to personalize the quilt.

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